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Not yet Extinct, It’s 5 Times Technology that Still Many Used

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In today’s modern era, people need technology to simplify their work. Technological development was not unstoppable anymore because almost every month, there are new technologies introduced into the world. The technology is also designed very sophisticated, also use the latest version to replace the old version.

However, what would happen if the existing technology is still outdated alias jadul? Can still work baseball hell to help human work? Here old school technology but still used until now.

1. Pagers

According to The Guardian, pagers become one of the old school stau technology still in use in the United Kingdom. Although old school, there are many advantages to be gained with this technology. Such a sturdy design and durable batteries. When compared with smartphones, pagers are still far superior in terms of battery resistance.

2. Tape Cassette
8 years ago, tape may still be popular among the people. However, no longer when compared now yes. Want to hear MP3s? You can play Joox, Spotify, or even play a radio broadcast via a smartphone.

Even so, the owner of a national audio named Steve Stepp revealed that he managed to sell 100,000 tape cassette in 2016. Which means tape is still widely used by the community.

3. Nokia 8210
The popularity of “resilient” phones is starting to fade due to the presence of a more sophisticated Android or iPhone. However, there are still people or agencies that use the phone “resilient” to support their daily activities.

One such resilient mobile phone is the Nokia 8210. According to Vice, this phone is still in demand because of the rare game that is rarely found in smartphones today.

4. Diskette
to store and transfer data from one computer to another, present a floppy disk or floppy disk. This storage media became popular in the 1960s and is still in use today. The moment that happens in your life, both photos and videos, both of which you can record into a floppy and keep it well as a memory.

5. Fax Machine
In the modern era like this still use the fax machine? Gini rugs are still widely used in hospitals in America, lo. This fax machine is commonly used to transfer patient data to different hospitals. Starting from the identity, type of disease, to the drugs needed for the healing process.

It’s quite old school, but its function baseball losing great when compared with digital technology. Moreover, fax machine shipments are also very secure and rarely spread to other clients.

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