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Smartwatch This Can Make You Quit Smoking

Smoking is one of the most difficult habits to stop. For those who want to break the habit this year, you can do it with the help of smartwatch.

A device called SmokeBeat made by Somatix has the ability to stop you smoking in real-time. How to?

SmokeBeat is able to detect smoking activity based on the gestures of the mouth in the user. This is thanks to the support of sensors embedded in it, along with user data that will be sent directly to the application.

With these sensors the device is developed to be able to distinguish different hand gestures to the mouth, ranging from eating, shaving to biting fingers.

reduce Smoking Habit
Furthermore, SmokeBeat also collects historical data about the number of cigarettes the user has in a day, the cost of cigarettes, the time spent on smoking, to how their habits can change over time.

The SmokeBeat was recently tested in a study showing that the device is capable of detecting up to 80 percent of smoking activity in a trial.

Not only that, other results show that the user’s smoking habit can decrease significantly by using SmokeBeat.

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