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Tips Sharing Role of Husband’s Wives

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Financial problems are one of the factors that can lead to divorce. How important every married couple is to have their own financial management. How to manage finances each month? How to prepare education funding when wife gave birth, prepare education fund, and also for investment.

Although both partners work, financial health is not an easy thing to achieve, if both are not good at managing finances. Moreover, if the condition of one partner working permanently and the other freelance. Whatever the condition of husband and wife they should be able to prepare for the life of his family by dividing the role in managing finances.

One of the earliest ways to share roles in finances for husband and wife is to set ahead how the family’s financial system is. Generally there are several financial systems performed by married couples, among them:

One, husband or wife, becomes the family’s financial manager. Not necessarily wife. We recommend that your wife or husband can realize who is entitled to regulate, control the desire when buying something, and if there is one couple who before marriage ever terbilit credit card debt should be avoided first to manage family finances. A suitable condition for a role such as this one is a pair that unifies the source of its financial income.
Division of husband and wife income into expenditure items. Suppose the husband’s income is used to pay the mortgage, pay monthly spending, and school children. While the wife for spending a little less nominal.
Finally, the husband’s income is used for all the needs and income of the wife to be his own. However, the wife should be able to manage her own income with a trust and can help to invest the family and the rest for their own purposes.

After determining the financial manager, for all conditions the married couple can apply the strategy 50:30:20. 50% for mandatory expenditure, 30% for saving, social, investment, and 20% for refreshing.

For couples who both work as long as choosing the right financial system, ingenious in implementing strategies 50:30:20 and discipline in running it financial problems will be more avoidable. Of course, discipline and mutual trust is another thing that hasur run.

So what if the condition of one pair working permanently and the other became a freelancer?

Having a casual job is almost the same as an entrepreneur, his income is not fixed or uncertain. It could be this month he gets a lot of income and subsequently reduced or not at all. For situations like this, inevitably use the exact income eg monthly salary for the mandatory such as: pay monthly bills (electricity, water), pay installment credit (vehicle, credit card or electronic), and to save.

Means, for the condition of one work and one freelance, 50: 30% strategy implementation obtained from the fixed income. While the income from freelance can be used for the 20% like refreshing, buying clothes. There is also better left to save to become an emergency fund or savings only.

If the 50:30:20 implementation strategy is not suitable for use, for example because one of the income is still salary is not too large, better couples reduce the cost of a consumptive and switch to something that can increase income.

The key to successful division of the financial roles between husband and wife is honesty and openness between the two. The wife or husband must be able to be honest and communicate when the predetermined expenditures are used for the other or not suitable for them.

Husbands or wives who are equally discipline and remind each other to run the expenditure items that have been set will help family financial planning for maximum results.

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